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YEW seafood + bar launches Oceans Cocktail Program with Lauren Mote

YEW seafood + bar is thrilled to launch the Oceans Program, a new approach to cocktails that takes inspiration from the world’s five unique oceans and the earth’s many waterways. The new program, which dovetails seamlessly with YEW’s highly successful sustainable seafood focus, is the result of an exciting collaboration with award-winning cocktail innovator and educator, Lauren Mote.

“The cocktails in the Oceans Program are inspired by the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Arctic and Southern oceans,” said Mote. The program features 16 perfectly balanced cocktails designed to complement YEW’s bar, lunch and dinner menus. Each cocktail fits one of four categories — from bright aperitifs to full-bodied seafood and heavier proteins, to “regional expression.”  “Now there’s a drink for every menu, meal, conversation and celebration,” Mote added.

An educator as well as award-winning mixologist, Mote helps shape the way Vancouver views and consumes cocktails through her innovative training and consulting programs. As part of the collaboration, Mote also works with the YEW bar team to introduce new skills, broaden understanding and fuel their passion for beautifully crafted cocktails.

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