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Sommelier Adam Mayhew’s Seasonal Wine Selects

Wine expert Adam Mayhew has two fantastic wine picks perfect for the glass this summer. Get to know two of his favourites.

La Spinetta, Vermentino Toscana, Italy 2015   
“La Spinetta” means top of hill and that is where the Contrato Family is located in Adam’s world of wine. The light golden colour swirls beautifully in the glass, the bouquet of apple, orange zest and a spicy undertone travels across the 13 degrees of alcohol with elegance and purpose. This lively, full-bodied white has just the right amount of salinity to have guests thinking about the ocean with every sip. With a hint of coriander and wasabi, the new Halibut Ceviche pairs perfectly with La Spinetta to create a lovely jaunt through the summer months.

Lariana Cellars, Viognier, Okanagan 2016 
This Viognier is not your typical Okanagan white. Almost silver in colour with a touch of gold, the wine offers flavours of exotic pineapple and peach. The wine walks through the palate with French sophistication, restrained but spiced with lychee and makes a great companion to YEW’s crunchy Crab Cakes.  Grown right next to the Canadian/US Border, Lariana’s Viognier is sophisticated, approachable and just ripe for the summer.