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RECIPE: Suraj’s Flambeed Cherries + Peach Puree Meringues


Meringue shells

Peach compote

Flambéd cherries

Peach sorbet



Meringue Shells

3 egg whites

1.5 cups of granulated sugar


  1. Break eggs and separate out whites. Keep them to room temperature. Yolks not needed for this recipe
  2. Start whisking egg white and gradually keep adding the sugar.
  3. Pipe meringue onto baking sheet in a 10cm diameter circle
  4. Sprinkle with pink peppercorn skin
  5. Bake at 1750F for 1 Hour
  6. Remove partially cooked meringue from oven and scoop out centre to hollow out.
  7. Keep them a dry cool place overnight.



Flambéd Cherries

20 fresh cherries, pitted

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp sugar

30 ml cherry liquor


Place cherries, sugar and butter on high heat until melted

Add cherry liquor and watch the fire.  Once liquor is gone, place cherries in dish to cool


Peach Purée

3 ripe peaches  

1 tbsp sugar

lemon juice – few drops


  1. Wash peaches under cold water, cute and remove pit. Skin can be left on
  2. Cook peaches with sugar over slow flame until soft.
  3. Cool down the mixture. Add lemon juice.




Peach Sorbet

2 cups peach puree

2/3 cup sugar

1 tsp ice cream stabilizer

½ cup water


  1. Mix the Sugar & Stabilizer together. (Tips: Always mix the stabilizer with dry component in the recipe like sugar before adding it into recipe. Never add stabilizer directly whilst cooking process. It will form lumps.
  2. Blend water, sugar and stabilizer in pot and heat on medium for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat, add peach puree. Cool it down to room temperature.
  4. Chill overnight in refrigerator (Tips: Chilling overnight helps to enhance the Flavor) and churn in the machine next day. Store Peach Sorbet in freezer.




  1. Take the dried and hollowed meringue shell.
  2. Fill meringue shell: 1/3 with peach compote, 1/3 flambéd cherries and whipped cream if desired
  3. Spread some peach compote on a plate. Carefully place the filled meringue shell on the plate with the open end facing up.
  4. Top with peach sorbet and serve!