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RECIPE: Chef Edgar’s Lobster Potato + Celeriac Salad

Lobster Potato + Celeriac Salad
Yield: 6 portions



2 Lb potato, small yellow flesh, cut in 1/4
4 oz celeriac, small diced
2 oz red onion, small diced
1.5 oz mustard, whole grain in white wine
2 oz cornichon, chopped
1 Tbsp parsley, chopped
1.5 fl oz. white wine vinegar
2 oz hot water
1 oz olive oil

Lobster medallions

Black pepper, freshly crushed



• In a stock pot, place the potatoes with salt and cold water.
• Bring it to a simmer and do not allow it to boil rapidly, as the potato will not keep their shape.
• Use a tooth pick to ensure the potatoes are soft.
• Rinse and reserve.
• In a mixing bowl, please the potatoes and the rest of the ingredients.
• Mix allowing the starch of the potato to bind the salad.
• Season with salt and pepper. Cool down and reserve.
• Remember to season it again when is cold.

• Add lobster medallions

Tip. You can add chopped hard boiled egg and scallions or chives to add more flavour.